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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photographic Workshop

Dear Friends

Ekhon Aranyak cordially welcome you to it's 1st workshop on wildlife Photography on 22nd May, 2011

Program coordinator : Dr Cizer Sengupta

Venu : Abonindra sobhagriha (Kolkata Tathyakendra)

Registration Fee : Rs.1000

Plz contact : 9331042145 / 9143167939

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6th issue

Ekhon Aaranyak 6th issue has published. Here is the list of contents :
6th Issue

Water Birds of Bengal 
By Saswati Roy           Pic. By Partha Dey
 - An article covers commonly found Birds in and around the water bodies. This 7 pages article consists their habitats, nature and threats with 11 exclusive photographs.A must read for Bird lovers .

Obstinacy of Rhino 
By Dr.Subhendu Choudhury     Pic. By Author
 - An article describes the peculiar nature of Rhino. The incident occurred in the jungle of Assam.With colour photographs by author.

Butterfly Study 
By Prof. Souryadeep Mukherjee           Pic. By Somnath PalDas.
 - In this issue Prof mukherjee discusses an interesting characteristics of Butterflies called Crypsis.

Cold water Fishes 
By Dr. Bimal Chanda               Pic. By Author
 - Common fishes like Ruhi, Katla, Mregel can't survive in the water temperature below 20 degree C.,But many others can. A must read for Fish Lovers!

Remembrance of  John Wakefield
 - A short life history of Papa (John Wakefield).

By Nilanjan RoyChoudhury            Pic. By Chanchal Khatua
 - A travelogue.

By Teasha Adhya                  Pic.By Partha Dey
 - A Place of Black Buck.

Land of Seven Hills 
By Nishikanta Sen             Pic. By Chinmoy Chakraborty
- A travelogue.

By Biswajit Ghoshal
 - A biological characteristics of Bat.

Next Issue highlights 
  Bhitorkonika - Mangroves, Garole (!), Coral Reef.